Hyposomnia Hypothesis

Were I to lose my sleep tonight
I should prepare the prologue before twelve.
In those midnight hours, there would be
a constant beat lurking in the empty darkness.
To seek a deep slumber is to fall prey of
those sneaky concepts. When you close your eyes
they’d flashback and take control, and set the genre
for you. Now the synopsis is known, and the
protagonist is myself. And it would start with
an aerial shot. An endless road extents to the clouds.
A lonely traveller walking in his
borderless scene, and suddenly crosses
the fifth wall. Now I would see he’s
lying under the ocean. An arc shot
scanning across, some pale light
pierced through gives
a tinted color. Now the beats would intervene
and mix with a background roar. And I would switch to
a medium shot. A sepia tone, clearly shows
how much exhausted he is, despite
the easing roar. And now comes to the climax part,
a flashing montage, an in-eye shot.
The blinking light of the streetlamp, will
be trapped between his lids.
Are you the shadow of the waxwing slain?
In a speeded slow-motion clip
the fluff turned into a stampeding hoof. And I would
stop at this scene, woke up and sweat over the sheet,
and realize how many hours I spent awake,
and lie back and continue my film noir cast.