The Rainy Redemption

His prison has no boundary
but dilating space.
So seamless a cage that
even the wardens can’t escape.
The prisoner is obligated
to comprehend, to calculate
but never to understand:
wherefore is he trapped
in rain?

Do endure eternity for
some while before time
turns into dimensionless grain.
With which concludes end of duty
discrete steps in his mind,
a part-time slumbering existence folds
the boundary back to its center.

Then another nano second passed and
the wardens all deceased to stars.
Nowhereman endued with a nowhereland:
The imprisoned supersedes the prison. Now
he sees beyond
the dim envelope of his cell. Forming a looming
intention of increasing
entropy taunting at his immortality.
Preceding phosphorus lies his premise
After aluminum leaves what’s alive
——Wherefore was he trapped
again? The rain won’t stop
but eternity has sure begun.